Find out about your contacts, look for the personal conversation. How, when and where is the person best available? What topics and preferences need to be considered? What’s his position? Every conversational partner appreciates this knowledge and you collect plus points. Indispensable – even in the age of digital communication via social networks or e-mail: one-on-one interviews.

Get to the point, with clear, verifiable statements. Assume that the person you are talking to has little time. Enthusiasm or marketing bubbles about customers are no-gos, as are blasphemies about competitors.

Be confident and authentic. Good preparation is essential for a conversation or a presentation. In addition, an upright posture and an open smile are the best prerequisites for a convincing, self-confident appearance. Authenticity is important in the PR business, including an inner attitude and opinion – but only when it’s in demand.

Keep on listening and ask questions. If you talk all the time, you won’t learn much. Often it is better to listen intensively and ask questions. You show your interest and at the same time you get much more valuable information. If you want to be a good networker, you also need to know who fits whom. PR people work best in the background.

Be reliable and honest. If you want to build trust, you should be reliable and keep your promises. Sometimes you still have to take something back. Perhaps for reasons that are beyond your control. An honest “apology” gets a good relationship in such cases.5 Ways