Start-ups are companies in an early stage of their lifecycle. Thanks to their innovation and a scalable business model, they have the potential to grow quickly. The growth of a company should go hand in hand with an increase in awareness and the development of a strong brand and a positive image. Media relations as part of PR work is an important puzzle piece in this respect.


Building a strong brand and positive image through media relations

The object of advertising is to increase sales through product advertising. The main goal of media relations is to strengthen both brand and image by putting the company in editorial articles, interviews or guest articles. Due to the intermediary journalistic selection process, the result of PR is greater credibility. Therefore, PR is exactly the right tool for start-ups in order to build up a sustainable positive image and to preserve it in the future.

Use a network of PR professionals with start-up experience

Working with a PR agency focusing on media relations is very helpful when starting a business.  existing network of journalists and media and knows many target journalists in the media landscape personally. If a start-up relies on a PR agency, it should already have experience in supporting young, fast-growing companies and be well connected with the start-up scene. Yield PR, for example, has already supported many start-ups and knows their ins and outs.

Create a central contact point for journalist enquiries

Especially in the early stages of start-ups there is a lot to do. If the lines are kept busy, because journalists are interested in interviews or ask for information or multimedia material to be sent, it is advantageous if this work is approved by communication professionals. With a PR agency on your side you always have a contact person which is in regular contact with journalists.

Generate resources for regular media activities

A main point of successful PR is sustainability. Therefore, all serious PR measures must be taken on a regular basis. You can’t move mountains in a few days if nothing else happens for the rest of the year. A PR agency offers human and time resources needed to stick to a professional schedule.

Contributing to corporate financing

PR work can already provide support in the first stage of a company’s lifecycle, for example when the company wants to launch a crowdinvesting campaign. Editorial articles make potential crowd investors aware of the company and encourage them to participate. The money collected from investors’ mezzanine capital is generally classified as a substitute for equity and thus increases the creditworthiness of the company. This in turn increases the chance that bank loans (borrowed capital) or other forms of follow-up financing will be granted for the further growth of the company.

Making use of a well-filled PR toolbox

Press agencies do not only send out press releases, but also organize business lunches, press conferences, office tours, interviews, PR stunts or other tailor-made, creative happenings – in short, they offer a wide range of services that can lead to increased public awareness.