PR agencies can be an important source of information for journalists, given that certain requirements are met. Four journalists told us what is important to them in this regard.

Irmgard Kischko, Kurier: “I’m especially interested in exclusive stories and vivid content.”

Wolfgang Fercher, Kleine Zeitung: “PR agencies should know which journalists they deal with and for which target group they write. I want agencies to offer articles in a proactive way and to pay tribute to the reader’s benefit.”

Marius Perger, Börsen-Kurier: “I expect PR agencies to be in reach, to send out frequent but not too much press releases and to provide me with individual information. Interview authorization or slow response to inquiries are no-gos.”

Mario Franzin, GELD-Magazin: “I just want to be faced with topics that actually fall within my area of expertise. And secondly, every story I get offered must have that certain something, something new, something  interesting. It is also helpful when the texts are short and get straight to the point.”