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YIELD über die große Yield Office Opening-Party Anlässlich der Eröffnung des neuen Office durfte sich das Yield-Team am 11. Mai erstmals über ein „Full House“ freuen. In Kooperation mit dem Yield-Kunden Leica Camera Austria wurde den über 150 Gästen die Fotoausstellung „Last Paradise“ der Künstlerin Ekaterina Sevrouk präsentiert. Gemeinsam mit DJane Anna Ulrich an den Turntables bewiesen Freunde und Kunden der Agentur, Journalisten und das Yield-Team daraufhin bis spät in die Nacht, dass in

Why PR consultants have multiple jobs at the same time

The goal of every PR agency is to provide its clients with professional support in communication matters and thus contribute to the overall success of the company. In addition, the agency itself should grow in terms of turnover and personnel. As in all industries, the best business plan can only be implemented if you have the right people at your side - whether in acquisition, in the back office or in consulting. We want to take a closer look at the latter in this blog.

Or: Why PR needs a firm foundation

As we found in our last blog entry, advertising and PR differ in a lot of ways. They are not interchangeable, although well combinable and most effective when used together. Advertising is in many senses comparable to a stage play – a genre where the sky’s the limit, leading to hyperboles. Its theatre-savvy audience is well accustomed to this kind of overstatement, and therefore not easily startled by exaggerated gestures, expressions, and wordings. This example shows how much difference there is between PR and advertising.

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