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Yield has been responsible for Leica's media relations since the beginning of 2020. Year after year, we place well over one hundred editorial articles, interviews and features in media such as Der Standard, Die Presse, Die Welt, Die Zeit, FAZ, Krone, Kurier, News, n-tv, ORF, Puls4, Spiegel, Süddeutsche Zeitung and many more. In addition, we support Leica with international digital and social media marketing campaigns to efficiently promote the online shops for vintage cameras and new cameras.


The German company Leica is an international premium manufacturer of cameras and sports optics products. The reputation of the iconic brand is based on its long tradition, excellent quality and German craftsmanship paired with German industrial design and innovative technologies.

An integral part of the brand culture is the company's diverse activities to promote photography. These include the Leica Galleries and Leica Academies, which are represented worldwide. Leica Camera Classics GmbH, based in Austria, specialises in historic cameras and optical devices and operates the Leitz Photographica Auction, a global auction house.

Thanks to our collaboration with Yield, we have established ourselves as an editorial fixture in the German and Austrian media on a sustainable basis. The agency's social media is tailored precisely to the Leica target groups and therefore also promote our products in a particularly efficient way.

By Alexander Sedlak Managing Director Leica Camera Classics and Leica Camera Austria
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