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Case Rexel


Since the beginning of our cooperation with the electric wholesale giant Rexel more than five years ago, we have continuously placed the client, its management and its expertise in the country's most important mass media. To do this, it is necessary to give classic B2B topics a spin that is suitable for the broad public and to break them down in such a way that they are understandable and equally interesting for the layman. This allows us to directly address Rexel's existing and potential customers as well as partners and the general public (employer branding) via the country's media flagships.


Rexel Austria, with its two brands Regro and Schäcke as well as its subsidiary comtech, has been a leader in the domestic electronics wholesale business for over 20 years. The company is characterised by a comprehensive range of services and a portfolio of high-quality products. The subsidiary of the French Rexel Group has almost 20 locations in this country and employs around 700 people.

While previously we were mainly present in trade titles, we have increased our media footprint enormously since the beginning of the cooperation with Yield and are now a continuous editorial guest in daily newspapers and business magazines. This strengthens both our market position and the perception of Rexel as an attractive employer.

By J. Robert Pfarrwaller CEO Rexel Austria
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